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Medical services

GlavUpDK under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers a wide range of medical services.

 Medincenter” branch of GlavUpDK under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of the leading multi-purpose medical centers in Moscow equipped with modern high-tech diagnostics equipment.

For over 65 years, Medincenter has been providing services to employees of diplomatic offices of foreign countries, citizens of Russia, and other countries.

Medical services are provided under terms and conditions of individual and insurance agreements.

Consulting and diagnostics center of Medincenter branch (4, 4th Dobryninsky Lane) carries out outpatient treatment, has its own 24-hour ambulance service with the possibility of admission to hospital of Medincenter branch (5, 2nd Botkinsky Passage, bld. 5), as well as other leading clinics of Moscow.

Laboratory diagnostics is ensured at Russian-Swiss ZAO Unimed Laboratories.

Medincenter branch carries out medical activities on the basis of License No. FS-99-01-009127 as of 21.09.2015, and has ISO 9001-2008 international quality certificate.