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You can directly confidentially or in a General way to ask questions to the leadership of the GlavUpDK in section To ask a question.

How to learn about vacant premises in the buildings of GlavUpDK?

To learn about vacant premises in any of the buildings of GlaUpDK You can visit a relevant chapter of the web-site and click the address of the building on the map. You can also make a list of vacant premises according to Your privileges, entered them to the search options.

If you didn’t find any vacant premises, satisfied You requirements, You may send an order for selection a premise by fax +7(495) 637-31-71, +7(495) 637-31-71, by e-mail or with courier to the Head office of GlavUpDK (str.Prechistenka, 20). After registration your order will be forwarded to a manager, who contact you by the phone, specified at You order, and inform you concerning a convenient vacant premise in GlavUpDK fund.

GlavUpDK cooperates only with foreign companies?

GlavUpDK concludes rent contracts not only with foreign, but also with Russian legal entities.

What is minimal term for conclusion of a rent contract?

GlavUpDK provides premises only for long-term renting. Minimal renting period – 1 year

How the residential premises lease: with furniture or without furniture?

In general, the apartments lease without furniture, few apartments are equipped with kitchenette and/or fully furnished. If You choose an unfurnished apartment, we can furnish it as You like, however, the rent cost will be increased due to actual incurred cost of GlavUpDK for furnishing.

How to learn about renting fee?

The fee is specified in the table — the list of premises, offered for renting, in column «Starting rent price», and also in information massage of a next auction corporate web-site of GlavUpDK

What is the procedure of rental payment?

Rental payment is calculated upon the date of signing a renting premise deed, than a renter obtains the keys from the rented apartment. Rental payment is made in equal payment quarterly, in a first month of billed quarter.

Can I buy a premise in the buildings of GlavUpDK?

No, all premises, under the jurisdiction of GlavUpDK, are provided only for renting.

Shall I pay a commission to GlavUpDK?

No, to rent a premise directly from GlavUpDK, You don’t pay a commission.

Can GlaUpDK offers for renting any premises in other cities, for example in Saint-Petersburg?

No, all offered premises are located in Moscow or nearby.

Can I lease my apartment through GlavUpDK?

No. GlavUpDK offers for rent only apartments, which are in its management.

Where I can learn the addresses, where the buildings of GlavUpDK are located?

The list of the addresses you can learn on the web-site GlavUpDK

Where I can apply to negotiate regarding the employment at GlavUpDK?

Regarding all issues of current vacancies of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia You can apply to the HR management. Send Your CV by fax +7(495) 695-21-31 or thought form for massages sending.