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To entrust the firm ‘Inpredkadry’ with HR records administration, You will decrease any administration and financial costs and can concentrate on Your business. Moreover, You will obtain the guarantees of HR administration in complete compliance with the labor legislation and will minimize any risks of its incompliance.

 We guarantee the highest professionalism of our employees.

Our specialists undertake the following works:

  • HR records administration;
  • HR records inspection;
  • Reissuance of mandatory HR records.

With us You will obtain the insurance of your risks, regarding the cooperation with the labor legislation of RF. 

Military registration administration

All organizations and entities are obliged to administrate the military registration – to collect, keep, renew and transfer to the military office the data of the employees, liable for the military service – and it is very important to duly  administrate and manage it.

Thus, upon entry into employment, the employer shall not only ensure the presence in an employee’s passport a stamp of the military service, but ensure the presence and authenticity of a document of the military service, records and stamps, to specify the variety of the parameters of the employee’s  life, timely cooperate with the military commissariats and many other things.

All that procedures are required not only professional knowledge, but also bid timing and effort cost – thus we recommend to entrust the military registration administration to our specialists. 

Personnel leasing

We offer You to employ the service of personnel leasing or our staffing – the out staff of the personnel – it will allow You not only to dispose of troubles, regarding the execution of the employer functions, but also to optimize the number of employees of HR and accounting services.

We will be official employer of the personnel of Your company and undertake all cares of complete HR administration, calculation and payment of salary, deduction of all required social contributions and taxes, personnel recruitment, and settlement of any employment disputes. 

Personnel recruitment

The special branch of GlavUpDK assists You with recruitment of any specialist of higher and medieval level, and also any workers – and we guarantee, You will be satisfied with the results.

The huge experience of our HR specialists allows to perform all required upon the employment of a new employee actions – start with the filling a recruitment application, until the testing and recommendations checking of candidates. 

We also willing to provide You the professional consultations and recommendation before the recruitment, during, and after the procedure of an employee recruitment. 


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