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Company Structure


Acting Head of GlavUpDK
ZARITSKAYA Elena Aleksandrovna +7 (495) 637-28-82
20, Prechistenka str.
Deputy Head of GlavUpDK
KALYUZHNY Sergey Petrovich

+7 (495) 770-35-41 20,

Prechistenka str.

Deputy Head of GlavUpDK
LOGUTOV Vyacheslav Anatolievich +7 (495) 770-35-15
1, Kursovoy lane
Deputy Head of GlavUpDK
SADEKOV Rinat Rafikovich +7 (495) 770-32-92
1, Kursovoy lane


  • Multi channel contact center

    Multi channel contact center

    +7 (495) 637-23-26

    (round the clock)

    Providing information on the structure of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia, acceptance of claims, including, provision of emergency services.

  • Secretariat

    Secretariat  e-mail:
    20, Prechistenka str.

    Secretariat Head

    NOVIKOV Dmitry Anatolievich

    +7 (495) 770-35-84

    +7 (495) 637-27-48

    +7 (495) 637-35-73


    +7 (495) 637-31-71

    Information – documentation support of the activity of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia. Acceptance and registration of correspondence at the address: 20, Prechistenka str.

  • Protocol and Public Relations Office

    Protocol and Public relations Office e-mail:
    20, Prechistenka str.

    Head of Protocol and Public relations Office

    BOLDYREVA Larisa Petrovna

    +7 (495) 695-03-45

    +7 (495) 637-38-69



    +7 (495) 637-29-64

    Protocol and public relations issues.Management of visits to the Head of the Main Administration and his deputies the Heads of the diplomatic and other foreign representatives, security of external relations of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia, agreement of protocol issues of participation of the management and employees at protocol events, managed by the diplomatic representatives, organizations and hosting of events for the diplomatic corps and other category of clients.

    Deputy head of the head Protocol and Public relations Office

    KOMAROV Alexander Vyacheslavovich

  • Real estate Directorate

    Real estate Directorate
    20, Prechistenka str.

    Head of Real estate Directorate

    GLADKOV Konstantin Nikolaevich

    +7 (495) 770-32-64

    Accounting and renting of federal real estate.Management of public auctions for the conclusion of the rent agreements of the real estate objects (buildings, residential premises and offices), being at the federal ownership and assigned under the right of economic jurisdiction under the GlavUpDK, conclusion of rent agreement. Management of business of state registration of rent agreement, management of business of evaluation and insurance of real estate objects of GlavUpDK, management of business of registration of titles and issuing of accounting-technical documentation for the real estate objects of GlavUpDK.

    Deputy head of Real estate Directorate 

    LAPKOVSKAYA Irina Sergeevna


    Deputy head of Real estate Directorate

    LEVICKIY Yury Ivanovich

    +7 (495) 637-30-67
    +7 (495) 695-03-46

  • Capital Construction Directorate

     Capital Construction Directorate
    1/1, Kursovoy lane

    Head of Capital Construction Directorate

    ZINOVIEVA Evgenia Vladimirovna

     +7 (495) 637-47-14

    Execution of functions as a tecnical client for engineering, structures, reconstruction, restoration and capital repair of buildings and other constructions. Engineering services for foreign missions and Russian companies.

    Deputy head of Capital Construction Directorate for pre-design and project preparation;

    PIKALOV Albert Vladimirovich

    +7 (495) 637-21-75

    Providing assistance to foreign missions in obtaining of resource materials for designing. Assistance in manufacturing and approving within the established procedure of required documents, including design documentation, to the competent authorities and organizations of the city of Moscow, according to the current construction regulations and rules. Assistance in the negotiations, providing of consulting services and maintenance of required documentation at the administrative institutions of the city of Moscow.

    Deputy head of Capital Construction Directorate for manufacturing BEZMENOV Oleg Mikhailovich

    +7 (495) 770-35-56

    +7 (495) 637-76-04
    +7 (495) 695-28-53

    Providing technical supervision for foreign missions' capital construction, capital repair and reconstruction projects.

  • Maintenance Directorate
    Maintenance Directorate
    1/1, Kursovoy lane

    Head of Maintenance Directorate  

    BARYSHNIKOV Alexander Albertovich

    +7 (495) 695-21-62

    Technical exploitation of real estate objects of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia.Management of real estate objects, providing of utility services for the clients, management of repair-construction works at the real estate objects, supervision for the compliance with regulations and rules of fire safety at the objects, prevention and control of accidents, management of providing of telecommunication services for lessee.

    Deputy head of Maintenance Directorate 

    SACHKOVA Larisa Petrovna

    +7 (495) 770-35-47

    File management and control sector

    +7 (495) 637-27-06

    +7 (495) 637-74-17

     Document support of Administration operations.

    Emergency - repair service, Head of the service IVANOV Mikhail Petrovich

    +7 (499) 143-66-48

    Ensuring around-the-clock work on accident remedy and prevention, and remedy of petty damage and defects occurring during operation of real property facilities by request of lessees of GlavUpDK with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

    Master on duty

    +7 (499) 143-39-57

    +7 (499) 143-65-98

  • Office of the Chief Architect

    Office of the Chief Architect e-mail:
    20, Prechistenka str.

    Chief Architect ORLOV Georgy Mikhailovich

    +7 (495) 637-42-86

    +7 (495) 695-03-68

    Architectural, administration-public, business, residential, technical engineering, restoration, consulting, business with cultural heritage objects.

    Designing of preliminary projects, architectural- town planning conceptions, consulting of the foreign architects regarding the adaptation of the projects and procedure of approval at the specialized authorities, functions of technical customer for the obtaining of GPZU, forming of plan-restoration order at the cultural heritage objects.

  • Procurement Directorate

    Procurement Directorate
    1/1, Kursovoy lane

    Head of the Procurement Directorate

    GIBOV Alexander Zakharovich

    +7 (495) 637-22-53

    +7 (495) 637-22-89

    Management, hosting and supporting of the protocol events. Realization of goods and services of general purpose.Facilities administration of GlavUpDK. Management of protocol events, ceremonial and corporate events, official buffets, banquets and lunches. Design, furnishing, decoration of offices and apartments. Realization of goods and services of general purpose (ice-melting chemical, containers for domestic solid waste collecting, packaging material and variable household inventory).

    Deputy head of the Procurement Directorate VINOKUROV Vladimir Viktorovich

    +7 (495) 770-35-29
  • Finance Planning Directorate

    Finance Planning Directorate
    1/1, Kursovoy lane

    Head of Finance Planning Directorate

    GLINSKIY Andrey Alekseevich

    +7 (495) 770-32-44 

    Planning and analysis of financial-economic activity of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia and its branches.Providing of current and strategic planning, preparation of administration reporting, expertise of efficiency of capital investments (investment) of GlavUpDK, supervision of its execution, management of payment and benefits. Cooperation with execution bodies of state authorities regarding issues, within the competence of the Administration. Support of the management quality system of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia, complying with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. Assistance to diplomatic and equivalent to them representatives with information obtaining: - regarding the value added taxation issues in the Russian Federation. — regarding medical service according to the inter-government agreements under the terms of principle of mutuality.

  • Accounting Directorate

    Accounting Directorate
    1/1, Kursovoy lane

    Head of Directorate

    VASILYEVA Galina Aleksandrovna

    +7 (495) 770-35-04

    Maintaining accounting and fiscal records of GlavUpDK with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Maintaining accounting of settlements with lessees. 
    Preparation of accounting and tax records. Analysis or production and commercial operations using accounting tools.

    Deputy Chief Accountant

    KORNIENKO Natalia Viktorovna

    +7 (495) 770-35-42

    Deputy Chief Accountant

    TERENTYEVA Elena Vladimirovna

    +7 (495) 770-35-66

  • Public Relations Department

    Public Relations Department e-mail:
    20, Prechistenka str.

    Director of the Department

    CHUMIKOVA Svetlana Yurievna

    +7 (495) 695-03-56

    Elaboration and implementation of the information and advertising policy of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia and the corporate information policy. Brand promotion amongst target groups. Maintenance and bolstering of the competitive edge of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia by areas of activity amid the existent market conditions and by means of modern information technologies, marketing tools and communications.

    Deputy Director of the Department

    MASLOVA Irina Vladimirovna

    +7 (495) 770-35-76

    Deputy Director of the Department

    VADYAEVA Ekaterina Alekseevna

    +7 (495) 770-32-58
  • Information technologies Department

    Information technologies Department e-mail:
    1/1, Kursovoy lane

    Director of the Information technologies Department

    REUT Alexandr Igorevich

    +7 (495) 770-35-02

    Technical support and development of information system of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia.Development, obtaining and support of application program software for the automation of business-processes of GlavUpDK, management and support of functioning of local computer network of GlavUpDK and channels of data transfer for the service of information system of GlavUpDK, purchasing of computers, network equipment, system software and supplies.

  • The Legal Department

    The Legal Department
    20, Prechistenka str.

    Director of the Department

    MOSKOVETS Evgeniy Vladimirovich

    +7 (495) 770-32-51

    Law enforcement in the activities of GlavUpDK under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia; the use of legal measures to improve economic performance of GlavUpDK under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia; protection of the rights and legitimate interests of GlavUpDK under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

    Deputy Director of the Department ANDREEV Gennadiy Yurievich

    +7(495) 770-35-82

    Deputy Director of the Department

    SHAHOVTSEVA Svetlana Sergeevna

    +7(495) 637-48-46

  • Cultural center

    Cultural center  e-mail:
    5, Ulofa Palme str.

    +7 (499) 143-04-26

    +7 (499) 783-49-53

    Comfortable halls for management and hosting of diplomatic receptions, ceremonial and corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and etc.

    Management and hosting of diplomatic receptions, ceremonial and corporate events, concerts, conferences, seminars, presentations, fairs and exhibitions.


    +7 (499) 143-04-26

    Providing of banquet halls (premises) of the Cultural center for renting (at the address: 5, Ulofa Palme str.) for the hosting of events.


    +7 (499) 131-51-15

    Management of classes of hobbies and studios at the Ballet hall of the Cultural center (at the address: 78a, Leninskiy pr-t).

  • Branches

    Affiliate «Firm «Inpredkadry» e-mail:
    9, Kursovoy lane

    Director of the affiliate «Firm Inpredkadry»

    ZVEREV Vladimir Vladimirovich

    +7 (495) 695-21-04

    +7 (495) 695-21-01
    +7 (495) 695-21-39

    Complex of HR services for the diplomatic corps, international and Russian organizations, representatives of the foreign Mass Media. Visa support for the foreign citizens.

    Complex HR and accounting services, taxation consulting, preparing of accounting and taxation reports. Research of highly qualified specialists and service personnel of any professions. Out staffing. Financial services – salary accounting and other personal income, taxation accounting, the taxation object of which is personal income and so on. HR documenting and military registration. Preparation and registration of the representatives. Visa support of the foreign citizens. Legal consultations concerning the utilization of labor and taxation legislation.

    Affiliate «Medincentre»  e-mail:
    Polyclinic – 4, 4th Dobryninsky lane
    Hospital – 5, buil.5, 2nd Botkinskiy proezd

    Director of the affiliate «Medincenter»

    AZAROV Vladimir Gennadievich

    +7 (499) 236-31-16

    Multi-specialty diagnostic and treatment complex, provided wide range of medical services for the representatives of diplomatic corps and Russian citizens.

    Medical institution, equipped with contemporary equipment and possessed the hospital, has provided the services for over 60 years. The Employees are highly qualified doctors, many of which have scientific degree of medical doctors and candidates of medical science, and also the work experience at leading foreign and national clinics and research institutes.

    Affiliate «Spetsautocenter» e-mail:
    h. 8 and h. 8 buil. 1, Kievskaya str.

    Director of the affiliate «Spetsautocenter» 

    GONCHAROV Sergey Pavlovich

    +7 (499) 766-17-77

    +7 (499) 240-43-30

    Specialized service center of services for the vehicles of foreign manufacture, providing the services for the representatives of the diplomatic corps, foreign and Russian citizens.

    Technical service station of the vehicles is equipped with contemporary diagnostic, repairing and measuring equipment, allows to provide mechanical and body repair of any difficulties. 24/7 professional car wash is providing. The Technical Inspection Station functions on the territory of the branch. If necessary may be provided an towing of damaged and broken vehicles to the Technical Service Station.

    Affiliate «Moscow Country Club»  e-mail:
    Moscow region, Nakhabino, Krasnogorsk region

    Director of the affiliate «Moscow Country Club»


    +7 (495) 626-59-16

    +7 (495) 626-59-26

    One of the best golf-clubs of Russia with developed infrastructure at the nearest Moscow area.Elite country golf-club, being among 50 best golf-clubs of the world, with five stars hotels complex, long-term rent of the cozy cottages, and also the field of international class for 18 holes.

    Affiliate «Leisure complex «Zavidovo»  e-mail:
    Tver region, Konakovskiy district, p/о Novozavidovskiy, Shosha

    Director of the affiliate «Leisure complex «Zavidovo»

    SCHUKALO Valeriy Igorevich



    +7 (495) 982-52-70,

    +7 (495) 982-52-80

    +7 (495)982-52-71

    Comfortable family, corporate and personal leisure time at the atmosphere of the traditional Russian hospitality.Comfortable hotel leisure complex for the whole family, cozy hotels of the variety of architectural styles, restaurants and bars, wide range of sport and recreation services, hunting and fishing, management of tourist water activity, hosting of the business meetings, corporate and protocol events. Unique native locations at the confluence of rivers Volga and Sosha. It is the perfect place for leisure, entertainment and work all year.