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The Inpredservice St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise for Foreign Mission Services is located in the very heart of St. Petersburg – a major historical and cultural center of Russia.

The Enterprise has real properties in various parts of the city and in the Leningrad region, uses modern material and technical facilities and employs professional personnel.

GUP Inpredservice leases out buildings, offices, apartments, cottages and dachas to consulates general, foreign companies and firms, as well as offers a broad range of hotel, advisory and legal services. We are ready to help you solve all sorts of most difficult issues.

Ipredservice today is an integrated, well-adjusted service system that has been functioning for more than four decades.

Inpredservice – it’s traditional responsibility, reliability and quality.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you and wish you successful, fruitful work and interesting recreation during your stay in St. Petersburg.

On June 1, 1971, in accordance with order No 832-r of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council (Lengorsovet) dated 07.06. 1971, the Enterprise for the maintenance of premises occupied by consular offices and other foreign offices was established within the Non-Housing Stock Trust of the Leningrad Housing Authority.

On April 15, 1973, the Department for rendering services to foreign representative offices accredited in Leningrad was established under the Lengorsovet Executive Committee in accordance with order No 214-r of the RSFSR Council of Ministers dated 26.02.1973.

  Since then, the enterprise has had a number of reorganizations and has been renamed several times, but retained its purpose.

By order No 122-r of 05.04.1993 of the Committee for City Property Management of St. Petersburg Mayor's Office and decision N3337 of 28.04.1993 of the Registration Chamber of the St. Petersburg Mayor’s Office the GUP Inpredservice enterprise was established and registered. The company is the official representative of the Government of St. Petersburg for the integrated support of the consular corps and foreign missions, and is administered by the External Relations Committee. The owner of the enterprise’s property is St. Petersburg represented by the Committee for City Property Management.

GUP Inpredservice is an integrated, well-adjusted service system.

Its main objective is the provision of high-quality services to consular offices and foreign missions accredited in St. Petersburg.

The enterprise employs 250 highly skilled personnel, providing the full range of services for a comfortable stay of diplomats.


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