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Dipservice (Republic of Belarus)

The State-owned Institution General Directorate for Servicing the Diplomatic Corps and Official Delegations Dipservice was established in April 1995 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus for creating favorable conditions for the stay and functioning of diplomatic missions, representative offices of international organizations and consular offices accredited in the Republic of Belarus, as well as for assisting delegations of foreign states in settling issues related to their stay in the Republic of Belarus.


To reach its objectives, the enterprise exercises operational administration over:

  • A complex of administrative buildings, including real estate properties in the central part of Minsk, which are leased to diplomatic missions and representative offices of foreign companies for offices and as residential premises for their heads and staff members;
  • The Zaslavl residence for accommodating foreign delegations that come to the Republic of Belarus on official visits at the high and highest state levels;
  • The Frunze complex (Dipservice Hall), situated in the center of Minsk next to Victory Square (4, Voiskovoi Pereulok). The complex comprises halls for ceremonial events, receptions, banquets, conferences, negotiations and business meetings, as well as premium-class residential units for VIP guests and delegations,;
  • The Krylovo and Stepyanka complexes that consist of comfortable cottages, hotel rooms, Russian baths, lawn tennis courts, etc.


Dipservice is also the founder of the trade republican unitary enterprise Dipmarket the duty-free shops of which are located in the center of Minsk (54, Kommunisticheskaya Street) and at Minsk National Airport. Dipservice has a broad range of responsibilities: from the selection of premises for offices of diplomatic missions and representative offices of foreign companies and apartments for accommodation of their heads and staff members, to the organization of excursions to the historical places of the Republic of Belarus. The enterprise’s special line of work is the organization of visits to Belarus’ leading enterprises for foreign diplomats and businesspeople their meetings with the enterprises’ management for establishing business contacts.

The enterprise’s new sphere of ​​activity is issuing the DipService journal that has really become a communication link between foreign diplomats and the Belarusian community. The professional staff of Dipservice is committed to making the living conditions for the diplomatic corps in the Republic of Belarus meet international standards and making the stay full of interesting and meaningful events.

We invite you to use the Dipservice services and express confidence that Dipservice will be your reliable partner, and you will long remember your stay in Belarus by Belarusian hospitality.



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