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The business activity of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia includes the management of architectural space, urban development, creation of highly professional architectural conceptions and projects, including the development of the space-planning architectural conceptions and project for the being under the supervision of the administration of property fund.

Nowadays, we carry out the active and successful works upon the range of the architectural projects: there have been constructed and put into service the individual residential houses at the well-known country complex ‘Moscow Country Club’, almost completed the construction of the luxury cottages at the leisure complex «Zavidovo», under construction «Recreation center of MFA of Russia» in Moscow area.

The projects of cottages for leisure of the representatives of the Diplomatic corps at Serebryaniy bor, hotels and administration-technical constructions for both assigned to as country complexes ‘Moscow country club’ and ‘Zavidovo’ are under development. Also, on the permanent basis  the development of the projects of residential, technical and administration buildings of GlavUpDK is on.

Serebryaniy bor. Engineering design of country household

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The plot is located within the complex of county household at the territory of Serebryniy bor. The designed residential house is located among years-long pines and spruces and designed for all year residence of the Head of the diplomatic missions.

 The project is provided two floors with terrace and balconies at the style of ‘houses of prairie’. That style, the pioneer of which is the architect Frank Lloyd Rait, is specified with horizontal lines of low roofs and tents, completely covered the terraces and balconies.